Insa Oil Insa Oil

Инса Ойл ЕООД
с. Стряма, 4142
местност Перселик,
административна сграда ИНСА ОЙЛ ЕООД

+359 884 32 55 06

12 petrol stations

137 favs


Average prices today:

Fuel Average price Prices
gasoline A95 2,03 BGN +0,00BGN from 1,99 to 2,09BGN/l
diesel Diesel+ 2,01 BGN +0,00BGN from 1,96 to 2,09BGN/l
lpg Autogas 0,97 BGN +0,00BGN from 0,94 to 1,04BGN/l
methane CNG 1,67 BGN +0,00BGN from 1,67 to 1,67BGN/kg
gasoline98plus GTmax 100 2,29 BGN +0,00BGN from 2,19 to 2,37BGN/l
dieselplus GTmax Diesel 2,19 BGN +0,00BGN from 2,15 to 2,26BGN/l

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